The Consulate of the Republic of Indonesia in Vancouver was officially opened on November 20, 1982. In 1993 it was upgraded to a Consulate General.

Indonesian citizens are urged to report themselves to an Indonesian Delegation in Canada. It ensures our rights as citizens of Indonesia are upheld, such as the right to vote for presidential elections. If any problems were to arise during your stay in Vancouver, the Consulate will be aware of your presence here. Registration online is available here (attach link:

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Address: 1630 Alberni St, Vancouver, B.C. V6G 1A6

Phone: (604) 682-8855, Fax: (604) 662-8396

Emergency Phone/Text: (778) 788-1992

Consular service is open during workdays (Monday-Friday) and closed on Saturday, Sunday, during Indonesian and Canadian statutory holidays.


PERMAI-BC is a non-profit and non-political organization with missions to foster closer cooperation, to become a source hub among Indonesians in BC, and to introduce Indonesian arts and culture to Canadians in general.
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Canada Indonesia Diaspora Society is a not-for-profit organization that works to support economic development opportunities for Indonesian diaspora of Canada.

CIDS focuses on areas such as diaspora capacity building, immigrant economic integration, bilateral economic/trade relations between Canada and Indonesia, and economic and community development.

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CALINDO is comprised of Indonesians and Canadians who are interested in helping each other, and to develop an active alumni group through networking. The motto of CALINDO is “Networking For a Better Future“.

Through close association with the Canadian Embassy in Jakarta and other Canadian organizations, CALINDO seeks to foster friendship and business networking between alumni, both domestically and internationally.

Many of Calindo’s members are in senior positions both, in the public and private sectors, and they include several Ministers and former Ministers, government officials and Chief Executives of publicly listed companies. Currently, there are over 7,000 Indonesians and expatriates who have graduated from Canadian schools and universities who are living and working in Indonesia.

When you are in Jakarta, drop CALINDO a call at: +62-21-527-7890


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Auntie Anne's Indonesia

Always fresh out of the oven, our pretzels raise the standard of snacking. Whatever mood you're in, there's a pretzel for you. From the Original Pretzel to the deliciousness of Almond stick with chocolate and cream cheese filling, these all-time favorites hit the spot every time.

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We are a Canadian importer of premium coffee beans from Indonesia. Offering up distinct tastes from the Indonesian archipelago's biologically diverse islands, Nusa gives coffee lovers a taste of regional flavour palates.

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Wartruk is a food and beverage chain that serves elevated Indonesian ‘warteg’ food. Unlike other ‘warteg’, Wartruk puts a heavy emphasis on hygiene and efficiency in its process to become a staple food for Indonesians.

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Midam Broadway

Midam is a Korean fusion restaurant which started over 10 years ago. We had a location in Richmond which we sold and came to 3211 W Broadway. We wanted to be closer to the UBC community and bring the utmost Korean fusion food in town.
Please support Midam Broadway and we will always deliver the best service and food you all deserve.

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Algoritma Data Science School is a data science bootcamp with a vision to democratize data science skills in Indonesia. Join Algoritma's Bootcamp to hone the skills needed for your future! Ask Algoritmas' education consultants for more info through 0813-8550-5579 to discuss your needs and use your special codes.

GISAU members receive IDR 10.000.000,- scholarship for Data Science courses. Contact us to know your discount codes!

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Boba for days? Yes please!

“True Skills Make Great Bubble Tea” Because we care about every cup of bubble tea that is handed to our valued customer, we double check every single step of making our drinks. From 38 Milk King to Signature Lite Fruit Tea, we are happy to see happy customers with quality and yummy Kung Fu Tea.

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Pita Pit UBC

FRESH THINKING, HEALTHY EATING! Pita Pit is fun, fresh and healthy! You can have you pita rolled, bowled, or flat. Your choice of toppings! They are custom-designed to wrap around our delicious, lean grilled meats, fresh toppings, cheeses, and sauces, so it can be eaten and enjoyed anywhere.
Yes, anywhere. The office desk, walking down the street, driving the car —although we don’t recommend this! — and even on the dance floor! Order in store or online now!

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A Snacc shop, where you can order crispy pork belly Snacc bowls perfect for any occasion. These snacc bowls offer Vancouver exciting new flavours, in a carriable size. Try out the crispy pork belly with our signature creamy salted egg sauce. Or opt in for a taste closer to home with our refreshing sambal matah.

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Kokoro Mazesoba

When your tummy is grumbling and your throat feels thirsty, Kokoro UBC is the right choice for you! With various scrumptious Mazesoba, Ramen and Rice Dons to choose from, you can make the most out of your GISAU Card by enjoying a free non-alcoholic drink of your choice for every purchase of $20.

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Storagehotel is UBC's #1 student storage service. We save you time and energy by going directly to you to pick up your items, storing them in our secure facility, and delivering them back to you whenever you need them. Easily pack with our free boxes and tape!

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Salty's Lobster Shack

We started Saltys Lobster Shack after a friend whose a lobster fisherman from Halifax came to visit. After spending a weekend with him he convinced us that Saltys Lobster Shack was worth taking a shot on and boy was he right!
We source all our products from local businesses such as Swiss Bakery and Sunrise Grocery. For Lobster we actually get it flown in from Halifax and everything is 100% Canadian. Community is what it’s all about!

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Baodown UBC

GISAU members can now get a 10% off in Bao Down (UBC location only)! Get your hands on some mouth-watering flavours and spices of the Orient with fresh vegetables and proteins of the Pacific Northwest. They’ve got signature steamed baos, Asian rice and noodles menu, even sharing plates and plant-based options! Plus, they also have a HAPPY HOUR EVERYDAY from 3.00 - 6.30pm!

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Cultural diversity defines Indonesia. The archipelagos of the country extend across Southeast Asia which has evoked a cuisine that is limitless in variety and rich in taste. Santapan Indonesian Grill has created a modern take on traditional Indonesian cuisine to bring the taste of Indonesia in a unique way for all to enjoy.

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It has been seven years since our first store opened in the city of Taichung, Taiwan; now we are finally here in Canada, in the city of Richmond, BC. The next move is yours, come and enjoy the best that we can offer you and find out what the dessert sensation is all about. We are confident that you will fall in love with them.

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We learned from the masters for months, honing the skills to develop a consistent great taste and perfect blend in a magical hot bowl of ramen. With high quality imported ingredients, slurping ramen is a custom extending all the way back to the Edo period, an integral part of Japan’s food culture. The name SUSURU is the slurping sound you make when you slurp your ramen, so let's slurp!

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